About Us


SRSLY is a community coalition of youth, parents, neighbors, schoool staff, librarians, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, religious leaders, local businesses, civic group members, and anyone else who wants to prevent youth substance use in Stockbridge.

In 2012, the Stockbridge-Area Wellness Coalition created a plan to promote health and wellness across the community and to encourage residents to eat better, move more, avoid unhealthy substances, and connect with others in healthy ways. The Avoid Unhealthy Substances sub-committee decided to focus their efforts on youth, reaching kids before substance use starts, and encouraging them stay drug-free through adolescence and into adulthood. To do this, they applied for a grant through the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation and looked to a neighboring community with a successful youth substance abuse prevention effort: SRSLY Chelsea.

SRSLY Stockbridge was then officially established in 2013.

What sets SRSLY Apart

What sets SRSLY apart from prevention efforts that have already been tried is its focus on the community and priority of being youth-led. This large-scale, community-wide support really sets the stage for long-lasting positive change.

SRSLY uses the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), as a guide to plan, implement, and evaluate prevention practices and programs. SPF assists community coalitions in developing the infrastructure needed for community-based, public health approaches that can lead to effective and sustainable reductions in alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use and abuse.

SRSLY follows a primary prevention model, which means we aim to stop substance use before it ever starts. That's why we focus our efforts on youth ages 10-15. All SRSLY activities are guided by our strategic plan and needs assessment.

Mission Statement:

Empowering and equipping youth to reach their full potential by remaining substance-free.

Priority Substances

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Vaping (nicotine)

Priority Protective Factors

  • Pro-social Community Involvement
  • School Bonding
  • Rewards and Recognition

Priority Risk Factors

  • Access to Substances
  • Parental Approval
  • Low Perception of Risk

Seven Strategies for Effective Community Change

SRSLY uses the seven strategies defined by Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) for effective community change. Our priority substances, risk factors, and protective factors guide the activities we implement for each strategy.

Here are some examples of the strategies and activities currently being implemented in Stockbridge:

  1. Provide Information – Project Sticker Shock
  2. Build Skills – Guiding Good Choices, Youth Empowerment Solutions
  3. Provide Support – Fun, substance-free events for youth and families, such as the SRSLY Lock-In and 3x3 Basketball Tournament
  4. Enhance Barriers/Access – Responsible server training
  5. Change Consequences – CTZN of the Month and member recognition
  6. Modify Policies - Advocating for policies that prevent youth substance abuse
  7. Change the Physical Environment – Take Back Meds Program